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At Transblue, our sense of community extends beyond business; we want to showcase our commitment to making a positive difference!

Every site visit, completed project, and service performed puts us closer and closer to successes for all our non-profit affiliations.

Join us as we transform lives, and read below to see some of our partners and the work they do in communities near and far.

The partners at mBridge bring a deep understanding of both the for-profit businesses and the nonprofit sectors together with extensive experience working with missions organizations around the world. We work closely with both missions workers and those interested in missional causes that will have the greatest impact.

mBridge is dedicated to helping people maximize their potential through earnest giving to deserving organizations. We curate noble causes we believe in—those causes that put the most effort toward those most in need—and connect you with them so you can do the most good.

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Dee's Hope is a nonprofit organization helping orphan girls in Uganda to have an education and a better life by giving them education, food, and shelter. Our vision is to create an option for the girls in Uganda to go beyond their current life and become successful.

In the future, Dee’s Hope’s goal is to have a place to plant a school where all the children being served by the organization may attend, to teach life skills to end the cycle of education and poverty for girls.

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Dawson Place Child Advocacy Center is a nonprofit organization providing safety, justice, and healing to victims of child physical and sexual abuse, assault, and neglect. Dawson Place has every service needed for victims and their families to receive the help they need. the Child Advocacy Center model minimizes the number of times a child has to tell their story, by bringing each professional needed for a case into one building, reducing the trauma of a victim's experience.

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Solid Rock Mission reaches into rural and war torn regions of southern and eastern Ukraine. These are communities where the Russian Orthodox Church is firmly established but has been ineffective in ministering to the younger generation.

Solid Rock Mission has built a mission school and discipleship center that is expanding throughout the region through camps and retreats reaching this young generation for Christ.

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Marked provides options for orphaned children to have a safe alternatives to gangs and abuse though creative programs and orphan support services.

Marked has seen those statistics begin to change for good among the communities they serve. Reduced crime rates and increased job opportunities for families allowing thousands of children to come out of the workforce and putting them back into school, now with over a 95% enrollment rate.

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Hope Unlimited provides critical support to both our first responders and the families of Snohomish County that are in crisis. They provide comfort, support and training during crisis events in our county.

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Pastor Jit Lama understands how to stand in a culture that is anti-Christian. Nepal persecutes Christians though many cultural laws that inhibit the freedom of worship. HLC church is a strong relational reproducing church in the heart of Katmandu. They serve the poor, help those who are in need and proclaim the gospel of Jesus.

Last year, they reached out and served 200+ families in crisis due to natural disasters and the pandemic. They are always serving those around them, whether they are believers or not.

HEED has been instrumental in transforming communities. What started as a rural village without any infrastructure has blossomed into a functioning community with clean water, strong schools and pathways to transformation.

HEED has gathered a team that understands what is needed for a community development in Africa; they serve a 5 village area with over 6000 people.

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Mission Green plants eucalyptus trees for education. 1 acre of trees planted provides tuition for 20 students for school; 1 acre of trees can be planted for only $500 yet it will produce over $9000 after harvest in 6 years.

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